My FEAR story takes place at the Mall of America, a mall where many 12 year olds may experience plenty of fearful moments. Jake and I decided to explore our surroundings and experiment with our freedom. Bourassa and I enjoyed wondering the stores and spending our parent’s money. Our adventure begins with us dominating the arcade on the top floor. We obtained more tickets then we probably needed and had plenty of options for prizes. So we decide to get little parachute men that have little parachutes on them. This goes perfectly with the story because Sam and Eric discovered a dead man who had fallen from above witha parachute attached to him. Our problem developed when we soon came up with the idea of finding the biggest edge for the longest fall. We searched for quite some time before we spotted our location from across the mall. The drop must have been 4 stories. We practically ran to the other side of the mall and went up two levels before reaching our destination. Once in position Bourassa took the rubber band of his parachute victim. We took one last peak over the edge and before I knew it, Jake let it go. The little guy soared back and forth for quite some time, swaying like a feather, every second coming closer to its end. The instant the little guy hit the pavement we wanted to do it again, until I seen the police officer staring at us from the level below. We ran! We seen the officer running behind us, like Sam and Eric seen the dead body moving up the rocks. We knew we couldn’t escape but we weren’t giving up. Jake and I, Sam and Eric, we all ran from what had scared us. Dodging people left and right searching for a safe place to hid. We were not lost on an island but in a enormous mall. We both thought we had escaped and were free. Then, poof! The officer was standing one foot in front of both of us. And the rest is history. Till this day I am still afraid of policemen.